I am convinced that making research more widely accessible is crucial for making it matter in the first place. As Public Engagement and Impact Manager at the University of Cambridge, I strive to improve communication and engagement between researchers and their stakeholders. During my doctoral studies at the University of St Andrews, I was on the researcher side of this equation. I know how difficult it can seem to explain complex processes and outcomes in a comprehensible, accessible way. Art, illustrations and graphic design help in this process. I find it a fascinating challenge to find the visual link within a research story, to navigate points of conflict between complexity and accessibility, and make cutting-edge research understandable and indeed visible in innovative, creative and fun ways.

As an Illustrator, I am always open for collaborations or commissions spanning the whole range of engaged art from visuals for research communications to teaching materials or animations for your new engagement adventure. I work across all media and materials from fabric design, video, to flip books and fine art. Do you need visuals for your engagement or branding as a researcher? - Please get in touch.

As a Public Engagement Professional, I am committed to contributing to best practice in the field as well as to publishing research to share it.

As a Trainer, I am passionate about sharing my experience with the next generation of engaged researchers, artists and communities of interest. My training portfolio ranges from 'impact evaluation' to 'how to animate research'.

Dr Alina Loth

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